Bachelor Party Vegas (2006)

IMDB: 4.7/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Nathan is getting married and he's left his four friends to plan his bachelor party. But what Z-Bob thinks is a fool-proof plan to a wild night in Vegas, ends up as a chase across Vegas in what would be a weekend they would never forget.
GenresAdventure, Comedy
Release Year2006
Duration91 min
DirectorEric Bernt
ActorsKal Penn, Jonathan Bennett, Donald Faison, Charlie Talbert, Aaron Himelstein, Vincent Pastore, Chuck Liddell, Marisa Petroro, Lin Shaye, Graham Beckel, Tim Poster, Diane Klimaszewski, Elaine Klimaszewski, Brent Briscoe, Jaime Pressly
ProductionInsomnia Entertainment, Trent Othick Productions

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