Clerks II (2006)

IMDB: 7.4/10 ,Total viewed: 0
A calamity at Dante and Randall's shops sends them looking for new horizons - but they ultimately settle at Mooby's, a fictional fast-food restaurant. Free from his dead-end job (and lodged in a new one), Dante begins to break free of his rut, planning to move away with his clingy fiancé. Dante is ready to leave the horrors of minimum-wage New Jersey behind, but Randal - always the more hostile of the two - starts to become overwhelmed by his own rancor.
Release Year2006
Duration97 min
DirectorKevin Smith
ActorsBrian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Jake Richardson, Ethan Suplee, Rachel Larratt, Shannon Larratt, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, Ben Affleck, Sarah Ault, Lalida Sujjavasin, Trevor Fehrman, Gail Stanley, Bruce Macintosh
ProductionWeinstein Company, The, View Askew Productions

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