Mia and me Season 1 (2011)

IMDB: 8.6/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Mia glumly arrives at a strange new boarding school where she immediately clashes with the popular girls. But she's given an amazing gift: a final birthday present from her father that draws her into a beautiful game world called Centopia. Transformed into an elf, Mia makes friends with Centopia's royalty and discovers she possesses a unique skill. However, when she clashes with the ruthless general Gargona and her unicorn-hunting army, she soon finds this world is no less difficult or dangerous than the one she left behind.
GenresAdventure, Animation, Family, Fantasy
Release Year2011
Duration20 min
DirectorAndrea De Sica, Luca Morsella
ActorsLaura Amadei, Emanuela Amato, Asia Amodeo, Linda Ballantyne, Jordan Barrit, Josephine Benini, Filippo Berti, Monica Bielenstein, Fabiola Bittarello, Riccardo Bono, Diana Borgwardt, Andrew Bryant, Michele Bufano, Leonardo Caneva, Livia Chaplin
ProductionLucky Punch, March Entertainment

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