Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines (2014)

IMDB: 4.5/10 ,Total viewed: 0
While on an unsanctioned, covert mission in Africa, a small team of S.E.A.L.s uncovers intelligence pointing to the imminent sale of a massive quantity of weapons grade uranium. Now, with no mission prep and zero support, they have less than thirty six hours to fight their way past a ruthless warlord's army guarding this secret mining operation, hidden deep in the treacherous Congo, in order to secure the yellow-cake and expose the unknown buyer. One of America's greatest threats is about to obtain the final piece in becoming a true nuclear power and only Seal Team Eight can stop them.
GenresAction, War, Drama
Release Year2014
Duration98 min
DirectorRoel Reiné
ActorsTom Sizemore, Lex Shrapnel, Anthony Oseyemi, Michael Everson, Darron Meyer, Aurélie Meriel, Colin Moss, Langley Kirkwood, Tanya van Graan, Dylan Edy, Leroy Gopal, Bonnie Lee Bouman, Eugene Khumbanyiwa, Warrick Grier, Keeno Lee Hector
ProductionFilm Afrika Worldwide, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

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