Strawberry Summer (2012)

IMDB: 5.9/10 ,Total viewed: 0
High school music teacher Beth Landon puts herself on the line when she invites world-famous country singer Jason Keith to perform at her rural town's Strawberry Festival. A one-hit wonder with a horrible rep for cancelling shows and copping an attitude, Jason isn't what Beth's mother, Eileen, considers a reliable musical act for the beloved festival, which she is proudly hosting with her good friend Ruth. Beth, reigning as Strawberry Queen, attempts to stick up for her favorite singer, but when she finally meets Jason face-to-face, it becomes obvious it won't be easy. But behind Jason's rock star image, he's hiding a secret about his past that could turn his tanking career around. Along with his manager Ray, Beth convinces Jason the festival gig is a great way to revitalize his career and win back his audience appeal. As Jason spends more time with Beth, his attitude starts to fade as they each encourage the other to realize their deepest dreams as talented musicians.
Release Year2012
DirectorKevin Connor
ActorsJulie Mond, Trevor Donovan, Shelley Long, Cindy Williams, Dagney Kerr, Meagen Fay, Jilon VanOver, Becky O'Donohue, Barry Van Dyke, Michelle DeFraites, Dexter Darden, Jeff Torres, Gene Davis, Jonathan Chase, Craig Jackson
ProductionLarry Levinson Productions, Larry Levinson Productions, Mediagold Productions

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